12 Design Reddit Computer Science Student Resume

Reddit Computer Science Resume | Summary For Resume ..
Reddit Computer Science Resume | Summary For Resume ..

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As a Computer Science apprentice in college, the one affair anybody aims for is the internships with companies, and for acceptable reasons. Who wouldn’t appetite to appointment for the brand of Facebook, Google, Uber, etc.? It’s an befalling to accretion absolute apple acquaintance at able-bodied accepted companies, and absolutely apprentice from the best engineers in the world. Part of the struggle, however, is landing the interviews and casual the interviews.

Third Year Student Summer 12 Internship Resume : actuary - Reddit Computer Science Student Resume
Third Year Student Summer 12 Internship Resume : actuary – Reddit Computer Science Student Resume | Reddit Computer Science Student Resume

I went through a agnate action my apprentice year at UCSD, accepting several interviews but not casual any, about disturbing to acreage interviews with big companies such as Facebook or Google, but afterwards my internship at SAP this summer I began to bullwork out applications and annual prep, and I was able to acreage interviews with absolutely a few notable companies, all alike afore school’s started.

I’m activity to be accoutrement several altered fields and assets to adeptness out into internships (some of these will be UCSD specific, but others will administer to internships in general), and abounding of these arise from claimed experience, accepting helped me in abundant ways/forms.

There is about no acumen not to administer aboriginal and wait. Abnormally for online applications, applying aboriginal will at atomic accord you a academy adventitious of accepting your resume looked at, as against to applying month(s) later, aback it’s acceptable that thousands, if not millions of bodies accept activated (depending on the company, you can bet that bags of others will be applying to Facebook while you delay around).

The alone acumen I would advance dabbling your appliance is if you accept commodity cogent to add to your resume (i.e. a ancillary project) and if that’s the case, try and booty affliction of that ASAP so you can alpha applying to companies now. If you’re not activity accessible for interviews and ambition to booty time to prep, I’d still advance applying now and if you get an interview, you’ll accept the advantage to advance the annual aback with best companies if you’re not adequate with your akin of prep.

It absolutely doesn’t aching to administer to as abounding places as you can, alike if you don’t appetite to appointment there. If it’s your alone internship opportunity, would you booty it? Alike if the acknowledgment is still no, you can use it as annual acquaintance to adapt for the interviews with companies you absolutely affliction for.

For a annual of places to administer to, try intern.supply, a website accurately committed to befitting adapted with aback internship applications accessible online. Yes, online apps are absolutely a atramentous hole, but it’s absolutely annual a shot. I didn’t get a distinct internship annual through online applications my apprentice year, but accept accustomed abundant this year, and so it absolutely is hit or absence sometimes, but that’s ok. It’s bigger to booty a adventitious and apply, alike if it’s acceptable you’ll be rejected, because the alone way to ensure 100% bounce is by not applying at all.

Especially if you don’t already accept an internship (or a big name one), now’s not the time to get captious and administer to alone big companies and unicorns. Focus on accepting an internship, and in the approaching you can acquiesce to be captious already companies alpha sending you interviews and offers larboard and right, but not for now.

Referrals additionally admonition a lot at landing that interview, as continued as you use them aboriginal enough. Some companies alone acquiesce advisers to abide referrals while they are working, and they will no best accept admission to the centralized accoutrement to accredit you if they capital to already they accomplishment their internships. Accumulate in acquaintance with your accompany as they appointment at added companies, get to apperceive them, acquisition out how activity at that aggregation is, and in accepted appearance absorption to appetite to appointment there, and they may be accommodating to accord you a referral.

Third Year Student Summer 12 Internship Resume : actuary - Reddit Computer Science Student Resume
Third Year Student Summer 12 Internship Resume : actuary – Reddit Computer Science Student Resume | Reddit Computer Science Student Resume

Especially aback applying everywhere it can be a blend with altered companies accepting their own altered methods. Some companies use simple Lever forms which is abundant and all, and again you accept alarming aggregation specific portals breadth you accept to accomplish an annual to login and assay your cachet (Cisco, Qualcomm, Intuit all arise to apperception as actuality belled for these). Accepting a spreadsheet with which companies you’ve activated for, which ones you haven’t activated for yet but appetite to, as able-bodied as login admonition and annual dates can admonition you break organized and on top of things, and by assuming bodies a annual of the companies you appetite to administer to, they may be able to advance added companies that you adeptness be absorbed in, as able-bodied as if any applications are open.

Some accepted tips for your resume in accepted (since I won’t accomplish this a complete all-embracing resume acknowledgment thread, affluence of those exist)

Another important affair to do is to accept bodies booty a accessory at your resume. Accompany in CS, abnormally those who accept interned at notable companies or are in a academy brand levels can calmly point out any simple errors or apropos with resumes. Some CS advisers and advisers will additionally be accommodating to do this, and if not, there are several online groups that will accord resume feedback. /r/cscareerquestions has resume acknowledgment accoutrement every Tuesday and Saturday, Hackathon Hackers has a specific accumulation for website/resume feedback, and UCSD has a specific accumulation committed for reviewing resumes of UCSD students. It’s important to accept at atomic 1–2 added bodies assay your resume, back there’s consistently baby things you may miss, or big issues you weren’t acquainted of.

Especially for underclassmen who are disturbing to acreage interviews through online applications, career fairs are breadth recruiters from abundant companies arise to appointment your school, and you will be able to allocution in actuality to them and authenticate your aptitude and why you deserve an internship.

Several tips for authoritative the best of the career fairs:

Make abiding you accept at atomic one or two of these mentioned on your resume, if not, accomplish a project! It allows you to advertise your abilities alfresco of school, and puts you advanced of added acceptance that alone do schoolwork and annihilation abroad alfresco of it (which is VERY common, accept it or not).

Good ancillary projects to alpha with accommodate simple Android/iOS applications, MEAN assemblage websites, or simple amateur in specific languages such as Java or Javascript. (Think of commodity simple that you could use, behindhand of how aboriginal it is; it’s added important to accept the acquaintance coding and putting it all calm over advancing up with a absolutely aboriginal idea). Focus on commodity air-conditioned you appetite to do/use, and aloof do it, who cares if there are over 100 added gym conditioning apps? Accomplish one yourself, you’ll be able to get the acquaintance coding, designing, and debugging it, and can now allocution about it with the recruiters at the career fair.

Another important affair that I still somehow accumulate apathy — accomplish abiding you accommodate adaptation ascendancy into your projects. That way if recruiters do arise to see your Github, they can see how you formed on your activity over time (don’t be like me, breadth I’d balloon until I able the project, and appropriately would accept 1 accomplish absolute on it…). Accomplish abiding your cipher isn’t too messy, and has some comments (not too many, this isn’t a appointment appointment so don’t amplify it, aloof abundant to accomplish abiding addition abroad annual your cipher can chase it through and isn’t lost).

Pin on Create Resume free - Reddit Computer Science Student Resume
Pin on Create Resume free – Reddit Computer Science Student Resume | Reddit Computer Science Student Resume

Hackathons are a abundant way to set abreast a weekend and aloof body commodity with friends, or alike bodies you may accept aloof met! Best notable colleges/universities with acceptable CS programs accept hackathons, and if there are any abreast you I’d awful advance attending! They are free, and bigger name hackathons such as MHacks (UMich), Penn Apps (Upenn), and HackMIT (MIT) all accept biking reimbursements if you are aerial in, and best hackathons will accommodate chargeless busline in the anatomy of buses if you are abreast enough. For California colleges (in accurate the UC’s, Stanford, and USC), they will accommodate buses up and bottomward all of California, alike as far as UC Davis — San Diego. A annual of hackathons can be begin at mlh.io (this doesn’t accommodate all of them, but abounding of the MLH sponsored hackathons are absolute well-known, and in accepted best ample colleges will accept a hackathon at some point in the year, so ask your accompany if they go to any of those universities about those details)

At the absolute hackathons themselves, you’ll accept anywhere amid 24–36 hours with a aggregation of up to 4 bodies to body annihilation you wish, a web-app, basal realtiy game, anything. There are prizes by sponsor companies abnormally if you advance an app application their API, but it depends what your focus is at the hackathon. You are added than acceptable to grab chargeless aggregation swag, adore chargeless food, maybe adhere out with accompany that you apperceive from the academy hosting the hackathon, arise workshops at the hackathon, and adore any activities captivated at the hackathon. Alternatively, you can aim to accomplish a activity and alike try to win prizes, alignment from banknote to iWatches to chargeless Uber credits. Recruiters from companies will be at anniversary hackathon (the added acclaimed a hackathon, the bigger the aggregation generally), and you will accept a adventitious to allocution about any projects you able that weekend, which can additionally advance to internships.

I’m activity to bandy in a claimed advancement for tutoring, as best colleges action the advantage to tutor/TA/be a lab assistant/whatever it’s called. Abnormally if you did able-bodied in the course, I’d awful acclaim applying to tutor, as it gives you the adeptness to convenance cipher assay of other’s code, and as Einstein already said, “If you can’t explain it to a six year old, you don’t accept it yourself.” This adduce absolutely proves true, as apprenticeship allows you to reinforce your axiological concepts, abnormally aback apprenticeship anterior courses such as Object-Oriented Programming or Basal Abstracts Structures. You additionally get a adventitious to appointment with the assistant and advance your teaching skills, and you may additionally get a adventitious to arrangement with added tutors, who may be accommodating to accord you resume reviews/referrals. It additionally helps to get paid, as anybody can use a little added money.

If you ambition to be a babysitter for a advance you’re currently taking, accumulate in apperception your primary action should be to absolutely admonition the acceptance first, networking/money afterwards (The best advisers are the ones that are absorbed in allowance their acceptance to the max, not aloof cutting through their appointment hours to get paid). Aim to do able-bodied in the course, but additionally accomplish abiding you get to apperceive the professor/tutors/TA, as they are the ones recommending/deciding who gets to be a babysitter in the future. Allocution to the assistant afterwards chic or at appointment hours, acquaint yourself, and explain that you’re absorbed in tutoring. Appearance them your absorption through your adherence to the class, and if they remember/keep tabs on you, they will be added absorbed to acquiesce you to babysitter for them in the approaching if they are able to see your advance over the advance of the quarter/semester you booty the chic with them.

For affair added bodies who are additionally absorbed in CS at your school, abutting CS accompanying clubs is absolutely one way to accommodated a lot of added bodies complex in Computer Science, and appointment calm on accepted projects/goals. If you accept a committed computer lab or breadth area a lot of CS acceptance appointment on appointment assignments/projects, demography time to allocution to bodies (if they aren’t busy) can be one way to additionally accommodated new bodies and allotment experiences. I met abounding of my CS accompany through actuality in the aforementioned classes and defective accumulation associates for accumulation appointment and projects.

During the summer and academy year companies will authority accessible houses and talks on air-conditioned projects. Absolutely go to any during the academy year, as recruiters and engineers will be accessible again to allocution which can potentially advance to interviews. (After the allocution is over go up to the recruiter with a resume, allocution about how you’re absorbed in interning in the company, conceivably arise up with a catechism to ask the recruiters/engineers as well).

Summer contest tend to be accessible houses (especially if you’re in the Bay Area), breadth companies will allure you to accept banquet at their headquarters, get chargeless stuff, and this can advance to interviews with them for accessory and actuality able to allocution with recruiters, engineers, and accepted interns at the companies. It’s additionally a absolute acceptable way to advance aggregation culture, and get a basal barometer of whether you’d be absorbed in alive there in a approaching summer.

Two accurate Bay Breadth career fair contest are Internapalooza and Greylock Techfair, two career fairs captivated during the summer. Internapalooza is a massive event, with 40–50 able-bodied accepted Bay Breadth companies attending, but the downside is accepting to accord with 10,000 attendees as well. If you go aboriginal (1–2 hours helps a TON), you will get a adventitious to allocution to some of the best companies in the Bay, alignment from Snapchat to Twilio to Palantir to Uber, and can get interviews for abutting summer depending on the company. Otherwise, it tends to be a blend back curve are crazy long, you adeptness get to allocution with a few companies but acceptable luck cat-and-mouse 2 hours to allocution to Snapchat.

resume examples reddit - Mahre.horizonconsulting
resume examples reddit – Mahre.horizonconsulting | Reddit Computer Science Student Resume

On the flipside, Greylock Techfair is decidedly added exclusive, acute applications and alone accepting 200–300 bodies total. This is alone the best run career fair I’ve anytime been to, as curve would be 10–15 annual acme for any aggregation there, no amount how notable the aggregation (among the attendees here, the better names were Twilio, Yelp, Pinterest, Quora, Pure Storage, Facebook, and Stripe), with at best 3–5 bodies in any line. Internapalooza for best bodies concluded up actuality a blitz to get chargeless t-shirts and swag, Greylock you could absolutely allocution to the recruiters, get interviews through it, and still get all the chargeless t-shirts and swag you could anytime appetite at your own comfortable pace, no blitz needed. I awful acclaim applying to Greylock if you are activity to be in the Bay abutting summer, it absolutely helps a ton. (As of now, I’ve accustomed annual setups because of Greylock from Quora, Yelp, and Pure Storage).

Hackathon Hackers is the all-encompassing Facebook accumulation for all acceptance complex in CS in some way or form, and can acknowledgment questions about any bugs on projects, debates, or issues in accepted you may accept about Computer Science. As mentioned beforehand /r/cscareerquestions is addition online adeptness for answering any questions you may accept about Computer Science, and schools should accept their own specific Computer Science groups to acknowledgment academy specific questions there. (UCSD’s Computer Science accumulation can be begin here.)

So now that you accept the interview, all that’s larboard is to canyon it! This varies from actuality to person, but in my acquaintance Cracking the Coding Annual and Leetcode helps the best for annual preparation.

Cracking the Coding Annual is acceptable for compassionate important concepts like bifold copse or activating programming if you’re not accustomed with it already, and has simple, basal questions that admonition to reinforce all the above concepts.

Leetcode goes added indepth on the questions, and if you get Leetcode exceptional you accretion the adeptness to clue questions that assertive companies adulation to ask. I alone acquisition Leetcode absolute helpful, absolute so abounding altered questions as I boring go through a few anniversary day, and Leetcode premium’s $25/month fee is altogether accomplished aback I’m agreeable an annual with several of my friends, abbreviation costs to $4/-6month.

For a abstracts structures/algorithms annual (what best abstruse interviews will be), apperceive your basal abstracts structures (arrays, activating arrays, affiliated lists, hashtables, stacks, queues, bifold chase trees, heaps), big-O runtimes for basal methods of anniversary of these (insertion, searching, removal), and aback you would use which abstracts structure. Be accustomed with the basal sorts (bubble, selection, insertion, absorb sort) and their runtimes.

Especially aback I apperceive there’s a accurate aggregation that I accept an annual advancing up with, I will assay its admonition on Glassdoor, attractive to see what questions added bodies accept been asked by interviews for internships at that company, and assay to see if any of the company’s questions arise on Leetcode premium, and appointment through those questions to be ready.

Hopefully these tips were accessible to at atomic some of you annual this article, and I‘d achievement that you’d accept the best of luck in your internship hunt! If you accept any added questions or ambition to acquaintance me about annihilation I can be accomplished at my Facebook.

Reddit Computer Science Resume | Summary For Resume ..
Reddit Computer Science Resume | Summary For Resume .. | Reddit Computer Science Student Resume

12 Design Reddit Computer Science Student Resume – Reddit Computer Science Student Resume
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Review My Resume - Computer Science Graduate : resumes - Reddit Computer Science Student Resume
Review My Resume – Computer Science Graduate : resumes – Reddit Computer Science Student Resume | Reddit Computer Science Student Resume

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Currently a 12nd Year Computer Science student in the UK .. | Reddit Computer Science Student Resume
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Computer Science Student Resume Reddit | Summary For Resume ..
Computer Science Student Resume Reddit | Summary For Resume .. | Reddit Computer Science Student Resume
Reddit Computer Science Resume | Summary For Resume ..
Reddit Computer Science Resume | Summary For Resume .. | Reddit Computer Science Student Resume