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Closing out a connected day, Alan Dershowitz, conceivably the Trump team’s best-known lawyer, said House managers had resorted to “politically loaded and promiscuously deployed” allege to casting Admiral Trump’s conduct as impeachable.

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Account Manager Resume Sample | Monster | Accounts Basic Resume

He insisted that the House managers approved to acting “psychoanalysis” for accurate affirmation adjoin the president, arch that Mr. Trump was “only absorbed in allowance himself” and not in accurate activity goals. “You cannot about-face conduct that is not amiss into amiss conduct artlessly by appliance words like quid pro quo and claimed benefit,” he said.

Mr. Dershowitz argued that the admiral should not be accusable alike if it was true, as John R. Bolton, his above civic aegis adviser, states in an abstruse manuscript, that Mr. Trump withheld aggressive abetment to burden Ukraine to advertise investigations that would advice him politically.

Mr. Dershowitz argued that American presidents generally accustomed specific accomplishments by adopted governments in barter for some affectionate of benefit. He compared Mr. Trump’s abeyance of Ukrainian aggressive aid to American burden to abstain aid from Israel unless it chock-full architecture settlements in Palestinian-occupied territories.

He did not accurately abode the acumen amid the president’s claimed annual and the civic interest, although he said the House managers were amiss to acquire that they knew what the admiral was thinking.

“If a president, any president, would acquire done what The Times arise about the agreeable of the Bolton manuscript, that would not aggregate an amiss offense,” Mr. Dershowitz said. “Let me repeat: Annihilation in the Bolton revelations, alike if true, would acceleration to the akin of an bribery of ability or an amiss offense.”

Alan Dershowitz, a Harvard law professor, said he now believes that amiss conduct charge be bent in nature. But alike if that weren’t so, he said, the allege adjoin Mr. Trump — bribery of ability and obstruction of amends — are artlessly too aside to acquire as violations aces of impeachment.

A connected annual of presidents acquire been accused of bribery of ability for all kinds of abstract reasons, he said. He accused the House managers of agreeable in “psychoanalysis” in absolute that Mr. Trump’s motivations were corrupt.

He added, “Even if bent conduct were not required, the framers of our Constitution would acquire about alone and, if it had been presented to them, absolutely alone such ambiguous agreement as bribery of ability and obstruction of Congress as amid the abundant and defining belief for impeaching a president.”

In 1998, aback Admiral Bill Clinton faced abeyant impeachment, Mr. Dershowitz declared an amiss breach differently. “It absolutely doesn’t acquire to be a abomination if you acquire somebody who absolutely corrupts the appointment of admiral and who abuses assurance and who poses abundant crisis to our liberty, you don’t charge a abstruse crime,” he said then.

He said afresh that “great offenses of state” that “subvert the absolute aspect of democracy” could additionally accreditation impeachment.

After a day of somewhat banausic acknowledged arguments, it is no abruptness that Admiral Trump’s acknowledged aggregation adored its brilliant adviser — Assistant Alan Dershowitz of Harvard Law School — for the 8 p.m. hour, prime time on civic television.

Mr. Dershowitz, 81, who has acquired ballyhoo of backward by apery the financier and bedevilled sex blackmailer Jeffrey Epstein, is no drifter to high-profile cases. His audience acquire additionally included O.J. Simpson, Mike Tyson and the bi-weekly almsman Patty Hearst.

In short, he brings absolutely the affectionate of pizazz that Mr. Trump, a above absoluteness actualization host, wants for the proceedings. Mr. Dershowitz’s job is to put the allege adjoin Mr. Trump in a built-in context. He began by acquainted that he “abhorred” Admiral Richard M. Nixon, “whose allegation I alone favored,” and said he adjoin the allegation of Bill Clinton and voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016. Had Mrs. Clinton been accusable on the aforementioned allege as Mr. Trump, Mr. Dershowitz said, he would still be in the alcove authoritative the case adjoin conviction.

“I angle adjoin the appliance and bribery of the built-in belief in every case, and adjoin any admiral afterwards absorption to whether I abutment his or her parties or policies,” Mr. Dershowitz told the senators, adding, “I am actuality today because I adulation my country and our Constitution. Everyone in this allowance shares that love.”

Representative Doug Collins, one of the faces of Admiral Trump’s allegation defense, affairs to claiming Agent Kelly Loeffler in this fall’s adapted acclamation for one of Georgia’s Assembly seats, bodies accustomed with his affairs said on Monday.

Mr. Collins’s long-expected accommodation sets the date for a barbarous Republican-on-Republican activity that will put a arresting House bourgeois accustomed for his defenses of Mr. Trump adjoin a affluent baron appointed aftermost ages to ample the state’s abandoned Assembly seat. Mr. Collins is accustomed to advertise his advance on Tuesday, according to the bodies accustomed with his plans, who were not accustomed to altercate it publicly.

He enters the chase with boundless name acceptance on the right, accepting served as the top Republican on the House Judiciary Lath during its allegation hearings and now a affiliate of Mr. Trump’s allegation aegis team. Gov. Brian Kemp of Georgia, a Republican, anesthetized over Mr. Collins in favor of Ms. Loeffler aback he alleged a acting advancement for backward Agent Johnny Isakson backward aftermost year.

He did so admitting absolute entreaties from Mr. Trump and some of his allies on Mr. Collins’s behalf, and their complaints that Ms. Loeffler was not a reliable abundant adherent of the president.

Ms. Loeffler, a arresting political donor and political newcomer, has spent the weeks aback aggravating to brighten a bourgeois record. She did so afresh on Monday aloof hours afore annual of Mr. Collins’s advance surfaced. She attacked Agent Mitt Romney of Utah, a Republican she already donated ample sums of money to, for advocating that assemblage be alleged in Mr. Trump’s allegation trial.

“After 2 weeks, it’s bright that Democrats acquire no case for impeachment,” she wrote on Twitter. “Sadly, my abettor @SenatorRomney wants to allay the larboard by calling assemblage who will aspersion the @realDonaldTrump during their 15 annual of fame. The bazaar is over. It’s time to move on!”

What would arise if the Senate, with Arch Amends John G. Roberts Jr. presiding, issued a amendment calling on John R. Bolton, Admiral Trump’s above civic aegis adviser, to affirm — and Mr. Trump approved to block it in court?

Senator Chris Coons, Democrat of Delaware and a alum of Yale Law School, has been absorption that built-in question. Not surprisingly, he comes bottomward on the ancillary of the Senate.

“I will advance that the admiral of the Assembly are at their apex, to paraphrase, during an allegation inquiry,” Mr. Coons told reporters during the banquet break. “And if you had a amendment that was a bipartisan subpoena, active by the arch justice, in a amount currently in application in advanced of the Senate, I would apprehend acquiescence from the courts to our accommodation as a body.”

That scenario, of course, is far from a reality. Republicans acquire yet to accede to alarm Mr. Bolton — or any added attestant — and the balloon may end afterwards them accomplishing so. A vote on the catechism will arise afterwards Mr. Trump’s acknowledged aggregation wraps up its aegis and senators acquire had a adventitious to ask questions, acceptable as anon as this week.

Robert W. Ray, who succeeded Ken Starr as the absolute admonition investigating Admiral Bill Clinton, delivered a active accusation of the case adjoin Admiral Trump on Monday black as he fabricated his admission as a affiliate of the White House aegis team.

Mr. Ray lashed out at the House managers, adage that they had bootless to prove any of their accusations adjoin the president, charging that “the declared absolute articulation amid adopted aid and the investigations, or the advertisement of them, is weak.”

Drawing on his antecedent acquaintance with impeachment, Mr. Ray argued that House managers are cartoon on “their own interpretations” about the motivations of Mr. Trump and the added bodies complex in the Ukraine matter. And he approved to adverse the House altercation that the Constitution does not crave a admiral to accomplish a abomination to be impeached. Mr. Ray insisted that “to abstain the affirmation of proving that a abomination was committed is to abstain the built-in architecture as able-bodied as the acquaint of history.”

Mr. Ray additionally lambasted the House for charging the admiral with bribery of Congress for blocking affidavit from assemblage and abnegation to duke over abstracts during the allegation inquiry.

“When I apprehend Mr. Schiff’s complaint that the House’s abode for above White House Admonition Don McGann’s testimony, admirable lath absolute and added abstracts acquire been fatigued out aback April of aftermost year, I can alone say in response: Boo hoo,” Mr. Ray said.

“Any altercation that what has transpired actuality involving this administration’s affirmation of accurate and able-bodied accustomed claims of privileges and immunities is somehow adverse to law and amiss is ludicrous,” he said.

After the banquet break, the president’s acknowledged aggregation renewed their altercation that Mr. Trump had not committed any abomination — abundant beneath a abomination so grave that it acceptable booting him out of office. Robert Ray, one of Mr. Trump’s lawyers, said that amiss conduct charge not alone be bent in attributes but so austere that it subverts the nation’s adjustment of government.

Otherwise, he said, it “cheapens the allegation process” and qualifies as “an American tragedy all of its own.” Mr. Ray took over as absolute admonition at the end of a diffuse analysis of Admiral Bill Clinton, afterward Ken Starr.

Mr. Starr argued beforehand in the day that both Admiral Nixon and Mr. Clinton were accused of crimes. And he added that Mr. Clinton’s absolution in 1998 showed that alike “the agency of a abomination is by no agency acceptable to warrant” a president’s removal. Alan Dershowitz, a Harvard University law professor, is to arise later.

The 45-minute banquet breach at the Assembly allegation balloon featured selections from Chick-fil-A, a best that reminded Agent Kevin Cramer, Republican of North Dakota, of his beforehand administering in the added proletarian lower chamber.

“We’re all in there now bistro Chick-fil-A,” he said with a chuckle. “I feel like I’m in the House of Representatives.” Then, lest he be taken seriously, he fabricated abiding to add: “By the way, I adulation Chick-fil-A.”

He and several added Republicans took advantage of the breach to acclaim the arguments fabricated by Admiral Trump’s attorneys in the afternoon. Agent Ted Cruz of Texas additionally tucked in a bung of his new podcast, “Verdict with Ted Cruz,” which is No. 1 on the iTunes charts.

“Each night, at the end of the trial, I’m discussing these issues in depth, because I anticipate the American bodies appetite to apprehend absolute capacity that they appetite to get,” Mr. Cruz said, “beyond aloof agreeable and babble on cable.”

Credit…Image by Art Lien for The New York Times

Courtroom artisan Art Lien sketches with a attenuate automated pencil from his branch in the Assembly columnist gallery, area he is accoutrement the balloon for The Times. “People move about and things change, so it’s nice to be able to erase,” he said.

As he draws anniversary image, he jots bottomward addendum about color, because he charge avenue the alcove afore bushing in his assets with watercolor.

To analyze senators — or their abandoned seats — he consults a basement blueprint broadcast by columnist arcade agents members.

See all of Mr. Lien’s assets from Mr. Trump’s balloon here.

While he was beneath advance in Washington on Monday, above Carnality Admiral Joseph R. Biden Jr. spent his day ambrosial to Iowans with aloof a anniversary to go afore the state’s caucuses.

On the advance trail, Mr. Biden abundantly kept his focus on capacity added than impeachment. But at an accident in Cedar Falls, he acicular to the balloon — and Admiral Trump’s conduct that led to it — to altercate that the admiral did not appetite to face him in the accustomed election.

“There’s a acumen why this man is on trial,” he told the crowd. “The acumen he’s on balloon is because he does not appetite to run adjoin me.”

Speaking briefly to reporters afterwards the event, Mr. Biden said of the adjustment of John R. Bolton, the president’s above civic aegis adviser, “If I were in the Senate, I’d appetite to see it.”

He additionally fabricated clear, already again, that he had no absorption in testifying at the trial. Asked if he would be his own best aegis if he were to testify, Mr. Biden responded, “I acquire annihilation to defend. This is all a game.”

Pam Bondi and Mr. Trump acquire a history activity aback connected afore her actualization today to advice his aegis as president.

When she was Florida’s apostle general, Mr. Trump was targeted in an analysis by the apostle accustomed in New York and added states alleging artifice in the business of a business he afresh ran, alleged Trump University. Prosecutors accused Mr. Trump of ambidexterity acceptance who had active up for Trump University’s absolute acreage and wealth-building seminars.

Ms. Bondi’s appointment was asked in 2013 if the apostle accustomed had opened an analysis — like added states — into activities of Trump University, accustomed the school’s application efforts in Florida.

“We are currently reviewing the allegations in the New York complaint,” a backer for Ms. Bondi wrote aback to the anchorman from The Orlando Sentinel.

It was aloof four canicule later, in September 2013, that a analysis for $25,000 from the Donald J. Trump Foundation landed in the Tampa appointment of a political activity lath that had been formed to abutment Ms. Bondi’s 2014 re-election. By mid-October 2013, Ms. Bondi’s appointment arise that it would not be acting on the Trump University complaints.

Brian Ballard, who was afresh Mr. Trump’s lobbyist in Florida, said it was “ridiculous” to anticipate his applicant approved to buy off Ms. Bondi. “I’m the Trump Organization lobbyist, and he has never, anytime brought up Trump University with me,” he said. (Mr. Ballard has added afresh gone on to be a above lobbyist in Washington, acrimonious up accumulated audience and adopted governments based on his ties to Mr. Trump).

But questions about the donation connected because the accession had arise from a nonprofit alms that Mr. Trump had created and acclimated the money instead to abutment a political cause. Allegations alike that this was an actionable contribution.

Mr. Trump ultimately agreed to acquittance $25,000 to the foundation from his claimed annual and pay a $2,500 amends to the Internal Revenue Service.

Add accession name to the annual of Republicans dabbling with calling assemblage at Admiral Trump’s allegation trial.

At a clandestine bologna of Republican senators on Monday, Agent Patrick J. Toomey of Pennsylvania, adumbrated to colleagues that he was accessible to calling assemblage if Republicans could assignment out an adjustment so that a attestant like John R. Bolton was alleged in barter for one apparent as added benign to the president, according to Republicans accustomed with his animadversion not accustomed to altercate them.

His animadversion are accession assurance that Republicans are beneath accretion burden afterwards revelations that Mr. Bolton asserts in a accessible book that Mr. Trump told him he would not absolution about $400 actor in aggressive aid for Ukraine until the country had assisted with investigations into the Bidens and added Democrats.

Senator Mitt Romney, Republican of Utah, additionally batten in favor of calling assemblage during the lunch, the Republicans said. He argued that accomplishing so fabricated faculty both in agreement of actuality and politics.

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11 Example Resume Accounting Student | Accounting student .. | Accounts Basic Resume

Mr. Toomey’s angle were arise beforehand by The Washington Post.

President Trump’s attorneys began their promised advance on above Carnality Admiral Joseph R. Biden Jr. and his son, Hunter, on Monday, anecdotic what they said was cogent affirmation of bribery that fabricated Mr. Trump’s absorption in the case proper.

Pam Bondi, one of the president’s lawyers, said the aegis aggregation would rather acquire abandoned questions about the above carnality admiral and his son, but was affected to abode the activity afterwards the House prosecutors referenced the Bidens and a Ukraine activity aggregation added than 400 times.

She accused Democrats of abstinent the angary of investigations into the Bidens because the House case depends on the apriorism that Mr. Trump was alone absorbed in the abrogating political appulse of the investigations on his rival.

“They say sham. They say baseless,” Ms. Bondi told the senators. “They say this because if it’s accept for accession to say, ‘hey, you apperceive what, maybe there’s commodity actuality annual raising,’ their case crumbles.”

Jay Sekulow, accession apostle for Mr. Trump, had beforehand hinted that the aegis aggregation would absorb cogent time on the Bidens afterwards the House managers assured their arguments. As promised, Ms. Bondi delved acutely into Hunter Biden’s assignment on the lath of Burisma, the activity company, at the time his ancestor was carnality president.

At one point, she played a television annual with Hunter Biden.

“If your aftermost name was not Biden, do you anticipate you would acquire been asked to be on the lath of Burisma?” Mr. Biden is asked. “I don’t know. I don’t know. Apparently not.”

Democrats say the activities of the Bidens are extraneous to the president’s accomplishments apropos Ukraine, and assert there is no accustomed affirmation that either Hunter Biden or the above carnality admiral did annihilation improper. They allege Mr. Trump of aggravating to apply the ancient Mr. Biden because he is a arch applicant for the Democratic presidential nomination.

Patrick Philbin, a agent White House counsel, argued that the House was aggravating to accession off the adamantine assignment of subpoenaing assemblage to the Assembly — all because it capital to accuse Admiral Trump afore the election.

House managers said that the White House was artlessly too bent and capital to demolition the accomplished analysis by blocking the affidavit of Mr. Trump’s abutting aides on barmy grounds, arid out the analysis for months. But Mr. Philbin said the House board bootless to go to cloister to try to bulldoze the affidavit of assertive assemblage because they were afterward a political schedule, not administering a fair or accurately acceptable proceeding.

Now the House managers capital the Assembly to activity and accomplish subpoenas, about “clean up the blend and try to do all the assignment that wasn’t done,” he said. That’s not fair to the Senate, he argued, authoritative a case that could abode to abounding senators.

“If it wants to accompany an allegation actuality accessible for trial,” he said, the House “has to be accessible to proceed, not alteration the albatross to this chamber.”

For the aboriginal time for the defense, Jane Raskin, one of the president’s lawyers, focused on the role of Rudy W. Giuliani, the president’s claimed lawyer. She alleged him a “colorful distraction,” pointing out that admitting his declared accent in the controversy, House allegation board did not amendment him to testify.

Legal experts advance that Mr. Giuliani would acquire banned to acknowledge any of his conversations with Mr. Trump on the base of attorney-client privilege. And he would absolutely acquire been a difficult witness, accustomed his generally aberrant achievement in televised interviews.

But Ms. Raskin argued that the board did not appetite to apprehend from Mr. Giuliani because he would not acquire backed up their claims that he was active a adumbration adopted activity adjoin Ukraine at Mr. Trump’s request.

“He was not on a political errand,” she said. In his own consummate “outrageous, irreverent, blasphemous” style, she said, he was advancing accurate leads about bribery in Ukraine for the annual of his applicant — not pressuring Ukrainian admiral for Mr. Trump’s political gain.

The apathetic alpha to the balloon had some senators central the alcove visibly disturbing to abide affianced with Admiral Trump’s lawyers.

“Justice delayed is amends denied,” Ken Starr intoned.

Senator Tom Cotton, Republican of Arkansas, rubbed his eyes with his adapted duke and yawned.

Across the aisle, Agent Kirsten Gillibrand, Democrat of New York, affective a notebook, stood up from her board and leaned adjoin a balustrade in the aback of the chamber. Agent Bernie Sanders, the Vermont absolute who would about absolutely adopt to be on the presidential advance trail, leaned aback in his armchair and bound his easily over his chest, attractive agilely exasperated.

Senator Bob Casey, Democrat of Pennsylvania, appeared to duke over a bonbon or excellent to his board neighbor, Agent Amy Klobuchar, Democrat of Minnesota, who accepted.

Not all seemed apathetic by the banausic proceedings. Of the four anxiously watched abstinent Republicans who could accompany Democrats to force the Assembly to accompany new affidavit and documents, no one scribbled added addendum than Agent Susan Collins of Maine. Seated abutting to her, Agent Lisa Murkowski of Alaska stared attentively at the lawyers, agitation her armchair acclaim aback and forth.

One band seemed to accreditation adapted absorption from Republican senators: Aback Mr. Starr declared that “the agency of a abomination is by no agency acceptable to accreditation the abatement of our appropriately adopted president,” suggesting that any abomination bare to be austere abundant to acceleration to the akin of impeachment. Several senators, including Ms. Collins, seemed to jot it down.

President Trump’s aegis aggregation keeps asserting that Volodymyr Zelensky, Ukraine’s president, got the activity he capital with Mr. Trump.

Michael Purpura, one of the president’s lawyers, acicular out that the two leaders met Sept. 25 on the sidelines of the United Nations Accustomed Assembly acquisition in New York. He quoted the affidavit of Fiona Hill, a above top civic aegis official, who said a activity amid Mr. Trump and Mr. Zelensky did not necessarily acquire to booty abode in the Egg-shaped Office.

But Ms. Hill additionally said that every distinct adopted baton wants an Egg-shaped Appointment allurement from the American president, and that they are not annoyed with alleged pull-aside at accession event, like a United Nations meeting.

Other assemblage testified an Egg-shaped Appointment activity was acutely important to Mr. Zelensky to accession his believability at home and abroad, including with Admiral Vladimir V. Putin of Russia. In fact, during his Sept. 25 annual appointment with Mr. Trump, Mr. Zelensky acclaimed that Mr. Trump had arrive him to the Egg-shaped Appointment but afresh said half-jokingly: “I anticipate you forgot to acquaint me the date.”

Mr. Purpura did not acknowledgment that Gordon D. Sondland, the American agent to European Union, testified that an Egg-shaped Appointment allurement for Mr. Zelensky depended on Ukraine’s advertisement that it was investigating the Bidens and whether Ukraine had some role interfering in the 2016 American election. Mr. Sondland declared that as an absolute “quid pro quo.”

President Trump’s attorneys abandoned revelations from John R. Bolton, the president’s above civic aegis adviser, as they opened the added day of their allegation defense, acceleration bottomward on their affirmation that Mr. Trump cared about accepting added European abutment for Ukraine, not investigations of his Democratic rivals.

Michael Purpura, one of the president’s lawyers, asserted that “anyone who batten with the admiral said that the admiral fabricated bright that there was no bond amid aegis abetment and investigations.”

That affirmation is anon contradicted by the weekend abode from the abstract adjustment of Mr. Bolton’s accessible book, in which he wrote that Mr. Trump said that he capital to accumulate captivation on to the aegis aid until Ukraine’s leaders conducted the investigations of Democrats that Mr. Trump wanted.

Mr. Purpura fabricated no advertence to Mr. Bolton’s claims about the aegis aid, which on Monday accolade Republican efforts to advance aback adjoin Democratic demands to alarm added witnesses, including Mr. Bolton. Instead, Mr. Purpura acicular to added affidavit in arguing that there was no tie amid Mr. Trump’s admiration for investigations and the aid.

Nearly two hours into the defense’s added day of arguments, the Assembly took a breach and the president’s attorneys had not anon addressed the claims in Mr. Bolton’s book. But Jay Sekulow, accession apostle for Mr. Trump, seemed to adumbration that the advice about Mr. Bolton’s book should not be appropriately advised by senators sitting in acumen of Mr. Trump.

“We accord with archetype evidence, we accord with about accessible information,” Mr. Sekulow said. “We do not accord with speculation, allegations that are not based on evidentiary standards at all.”

As the White House began Day 2 of its allegation defense, attorneys were advancing for the achievability that senators would vote to alarm witnesses, and are attractive at which assemblage they ability ask for in acknowledgment for affidavit by John R. Bolton, the above civic aegis adviser.

But assembly of the aegis aggregation additionally acquire told assembly that they would activity Mr. Bolton’s testimony. It is not bright whether they would try to activity the arising of a subpoena, which would comedy out afore Arch Amends John G. Roberts, or whether they would they try to get a abstinent order, which the Amends Department has never done.

Mr. Bolton said beforehand this ages that he would affirm if subpoenaed by the Senate, and the Trump administering would face austere hurdles aggravating to stop a accommodating witness.

Whether the White House will try to columnist for one of its edgier witnesses, like Hunter Biden, in barter for Mr. Bolton charcoal to be seen.

But they are signaling to senators that the accommodation to acquiesce Mr. Bolton to affirm could end up so circuitous in cloister affairs that it could booty several weeks, commodity Republican senators are acquisitive to avoid.

The aperture of a book adjustment accounting by John R. Bolton, Admiral Trump’s above civic aegis adviser, has rocked Mr. Trump’s allegation balloon and added burden on Republicans to alarm Mr. Bolton as a witness.

But as his balloon got underway on Monday, it did not arise to acquire afflicted Assembly math.

Democrats, who ascendancy 47 votes, charge the abutment of four Republicans to finer accroach the balloon and force the Assembly to accede calling witnesses. But of the four Republicans who acquire adapted they are accessible to accomplishing so, alone two — Susan Collins of Maine and Mitt Romney of Utah — said on Monday that the Bolton abode bolstered the case for audition from witnesses.

A third, Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, said she was “curious,” but was contrarily noncommittal. The fourth, Agent Lamar Alexander, Republican of Tennessee, was analogously vague.

The Assembly will vote on afterwards Mr. Trump’s acknowledged aggregation wraps up its aegis and senators acquire a adventitious to ask questions, possibly as anon as this week. Mr. Romney has already said he is acceptable a ‘yes’ vote on the catechism of witnesses, and on Monday he said the adjustment — which says Mr. Trump told Mr. Bolton aggressive aid to Ukraine was conditioned on that country’s baton investigating Democrats — makes it “increasingly likely” that the Assembly as a accomplished would agree.

Ms. Collins, who has advanced said she was aptitude adjoin calling witnesses, additionally appeared to advance that added Republicans were now talking abreast about whether to do the same.

“The letters about John Bolton’s book strengthen the case for assemblage and acquire prompted a cardinal of conversations amid my colleagues,” she said in a statement.

Ms. Murkowski didn’t go as far.

“I declared afore that I was analytical as to what John Bolton ability acquire to say,” she said in a statement. “From the outset, I’ve formed to ensure this balloon would be fair and that assembly would acquire the befalling to counterbalance in afterwards its antecedent actualization to actuate if we charge added information. I’ve additionally said there is an adapted time for us to appraise whether we charge added advice — that time is about here.”

But Mr. Alexander, who is not active for re-election in 2020 and is accordingly beheld as commodity of a agrarian card, said little above that he would vote on the activity afterwards senators asked their questions.

President Trump falsely tweeted this morning that House Democrats didn’t seek affidavit from John R. Bolton, his above civic aegis adviser.

House allegation board did ask Mr. Bolton to affirm afore Congress in October, but Mr. Bolton’s attorneys said he would not arise voluntarily.

The House did not amendment Mr. Bolton to affirm and its allegation abode listed Mr. Bolton as one of 12 admiral who banned to arise afore the anatomy “at Admiral Trump’s direction.”

Mr. Bolton said beforehand this ages that he would be accommodating to affirm afore the Senate.

Warming up the Assembly on Monday, one of Admiral Trump’s lawyers, Jay Sekulow, promised the aegis aggregation would move in a abode “expeditious but yet thorough.” But alike some of the president’s best agog supporters assume to acquire assured that Ken Starr, the above absolute admonition affronted presidential aegis attorney, bootless to alive up the bill.

“Ken Starr activity strategy: Torture the assembly with such an excruciatingly arid presentation that they cannot booty accession minute of this trial,” Ann Coulter, the bourgeois commentator, wrote on Twitter, of Mr. Starr’s bookish analysis of allegation history and acknowledged standards.

Representative Matt Gaetz, Republican of Florida and accession articulate accessory of Mr. Trump who was about larboard off his aegis team, agreed in a acknowledgment to Ms. Coulter. Added flash, he urged, beneath “To Kill a Mockingbird.” “This aegis needs a little beneath Atticus Finch and a little added Miss Universe,” he wrote.

Chris Wallace, the “Fox Annual Sunday” anchor, got into a acrimonious barter with an on-air colleague, Katie Pavlich, anon afore the Assembly balloon resumed on Monday, at one point cogent her, “Get your facts straight.”

Ms. Pavlich, a bourgeois commentator, has been confined as an analyst for Fox News’s balloon advantage in abode of Ken Starr, who larboard the arrangement to accompany Mr. Trump’s aegis team. Mr. Wallace told Ms. Pavlich she had mischaracterized a description of how assemblage were alleged for Bill Clinton’s trial, adding, “What you’re adage aloof isn’t true.”

Resume ~ Accounting Auditing Bookkeeping Resume Outline ..
Resume ~ Accounting Auditing Bookkeeping Resume Outline .. | Accounts Basic Resume

The two hosts argued aback and alternating as the ballast Bret Baier approved to intervene, saying, “Okay, let’s accent it down.”

As Ms. Pavlich argued that the House voted to accuse Mr. Trump appliance “incomplete information,” Mr. Wallace rejoined, “So we aloof shouldn’t accept to what John Bolton has to say?”

“I’m not demography a side, Chris,” Ms. Pavlich retorted, afore Mr. Baier cut in and afflicted the topic.

Ken Starr, the absolute admonition in the allegation case of above Admiral Bill Clinton, got the added day of Admiral Trump’s aegis off to a absolute alpha as the White House acknowledged aggregation abandoned revelations from a book adjustment by John R. Bolton, the above civic aegis adviser.

Mr. Starr, whose adamant following of Mr. Clinton’s allegation for lying over an activity acutely disconnected the country, on Monday casting himself as an allegation skeptic. He apprenticed the Assembly to “restore our built-in and absolute traditions” aback allegation was rare.

“Like war, allegation is hell,” Mr. Starr told senators. “Or at least, presidential allegation is hell.”

Sounding added like a academy assistant than a affronted acknowledged advocate, Mr. Starr boring absolved senators through the history of impeachment, citation the Federalist Papers, Alexander Hamilton and a altercation about how the nation’s “constitutional DNA” had afflicted aback the absolute admonition law lapsed.

What he did not do was accomplish any acknowledgment of the abode from Mr. Bolton’s adjustment that Mr. Trump said he capital to accumulate captivation up aegis aid until Ukraine’s leaders conducted the investigations of Democrats that Mr. Trump capital — and absolutely what House Democrats accused him of doing.

Like Mr. Starr, Jay Sekulow, one of the president’s lawyers, did not acknowledgment Mr. Bolton during antecedent aperture remarks. He promised that the aegis aggregation would abide to columnist their case that Mr. Trump had done annihilation wrong.

“It is our position as president’s admonition that the admiral was at all time acting beneath his built-in authority, beneath his acknowledged authority, all-embracing interests pursuant to his adjuration of office,” Mr. Sekulow said. “Asking a adopted baton to get to the basal of issues of bribery is not a abuse of an oath.”

John R. Bolton was the alone activity on the minds of Republicans as they awash abaft bankrupt doors on Monday for a bologna aloof afore the allegation balloon began. But Agent Mitch McConnell, Republican of Kentucky and the majority leader, apprenticed his colleagues not to blitz to any conclusions.

“Let’s get through the abutting step,” Mr. McConnell said, according to Agent Mike Braun, Republican of Indiana. “Take a abysmal animation and let’s booty one footfall at a time.”

Mr. McConnell was amid those discharge angrily to the White House in clandestine on Monday about the aperture of the above civic aegis adviser’s manuscript, in which he wrote that Mr. Trump was conditioning the absolution of aggressive aid to Ukraine aloft the country capacity analytic advice about his political opponents. That contradicts the aegis that the president’s lawyer’s acquire offered the Senate, which holds that Mr. Trump never affiliated the two issues.

Mr. Bolton’s annual prompted a cardinal of conversations amid Republicans about whether they ability ultimately acquire to accede to alarm witnesses, a move that they acquire deeply resisted.

Mr. McConnell, who controls a attenuated majority of 53 votes to Democrats’ 47, is acquisitive to abstain that aftereffect altogether, but for now, his ambition is to authority it off for as connected as possible.

John R. Bolton appears set to broadcast his book about his time as Admiral Trump’s above civic aegis adviser in beneath than two months, according to a advertisement on Amazon that appeared backward Sunday night.

The New York Times arise Sunday on a abstract adjustment for Mr. Bolton’s book in which he says that the admiral told him that he capital to abide denial aegis aid for Ukraine until the country’s top admiral arise investigations into Democrats, including above Carnality Admiral Joseph R. Biden Jr, and his son, Hunter. (Mr. Trump has denied the account.)

Mr. Bolton’s book, blue-blooded “The Allowance Area it Happened: A White House Memoir,” promises “a absolute and absolute annual of his time in the allowance area it happened,” a comedy on one of the song titles from the accepted agreeable “Hamilton.”

The book’s appellation appears in an egg-shaped on the cover, a adumbration of the allowance it refers to. The advertisement is demography pre-orders and says it will be arise on March 17.

Given the amazing ascendancy that the White House has maintained over affidavit and the absolution of emails, altercation letters and added abstracts by top Trump administering aides, there has been little affirmation in the accessible area to aback up John Bolton’s claims that top White House admiral again apprenticed Admiral Trump this summer to absolution his authority on the aggressive aid to Ukraine.

But accurate affirmation has still emerged that this is what absolutely took place, decidedly in backward August, advertisement by The New York Times has found.

Career admiral at the Accompaniment Department, the Civic Aegis Council and Aegis Department captivated a alternation of interagency affairs in July to altercate the aid freeze, bound extensive a accord that it was adjoin United States’ absorption to authority aback the money.

But they additionally assured that the alone way to get it aerial was for accession to accomplish a absolute abode to Mr. Trump because it was a presidential-level decision.

Persuading Mr. Trump to change his apperception became decidedly burning as of mid-August, aback the Aegis Department assured that it was active out of time to absorb all the $250 actor in aggressive abetment Congress allocated by the September 30 borderline — for items like assassin rifles, rocket-propelled armament launchers and added gear.

So as of mid-August, a alternation of interventions took abode with Mr. Trump, involving John Bolton, Secretary of Aegis Mark Esper and Secretary of Accompaniment Mike Pompeo, participants in these affairs told The Times.

This included an Egg-shaped Appointment activity in backward August, abounding by all three of these top White House advisers, area one at a time they approved to actuate Mr. Trump to lift the authority on the aggressive aid.

Mr. Bolton argued the aid was in the country’s interest, according to one official abreast on the gathering.

Mr. Esper added that the United States had gotten some acceptable allowances from their aegis relationship, acquainted that best of the money was actuality spent on aggressive accessories fabricated in the United States.

Mr. Trump responded that he did not accept Admiral Volodymyr Zelensky’s promises of reform. He emphasized his actualization that bribery remained ancient and again his position that European nations bare to do added for European defense.

The aid remained blocked. For added on the advance aback orchestrated by Mr. Bolton and Mr. Trump’s top aides, actuality is an commodity from in backward December giving a abundant annual of this effort.

Many Americans came to apperceive John R. Bolton from his appearances on Fox News, area he was a featured analyst from 2007 to 2018. On Monday, though, the network’s hosts were alleviative their above abettor with a newfound skepticism.

The admiral “has got to do a bigger job hiring people,” Brian Kilmeade, a “Fox & Friends” host, said afterwards summarizing the claims in Mr. Bolton’s leaked manuscript. “He’s got to do a bigger job vetting his staff, to acquisition out if they absolutely appetite to assignment for him or not, or they absolutely appetite to aperture out advice about him.”

“There are a lot of snakes in the swamp,” Dan Bongino, a pro-Trump commentator, chimed in. And on Sunday, the Fox Annual host Steve Hilton said that Mr. Bolton’s affirmation “doesn’t change annihilation of substance.”

But Mr. Kilmeade did activity some admiring words on Monday, too, adage that Mr. Bolton, as a above colleague, “has consistently been ethical and absolute candid, if annihilation else.”

For years, John R. Bolton has been a bourgeois Republican stalwart: adopted activity hawk, agent to the United Nations beneath Admiral George W. Bush, adolescent at the American Enterprise Institute, analyst on Fox Annual and civic aegis adviser to Admiral Trump.

On Monday, Mr. Bolton, who larboard Mr. Trump’s White House aftermost summer, appeared on the border of acceptable a Republican pariah. Hours afterwards The New York Times arise capacity from his accessible book, in which he wrote that Mr. Trump told him he would not unfreeze aggressive aid to Ukraine until that country advised his political rivals, Mr. Bolton’s adolescent Republicans began axis on him.

“Well, there’s a alleged blockbuster abode in today’s New York Times — it’s a adventure about careful leaks from a book that you can pre-order on Amazon.com from John Bolton,” said Agent John Barrasso, Republican of Wyoming, actualization to advance that Mr. Bolton is alone aggravating to advertise books.

“The timing is a little interesting, isn’t it?” Agent John Cornyn, Republican of Texas, commented on Fox News.

Mr. Trump himself, who has denied Mr. Bolton’s account, broadcast a cheeky animadversion about the above civic aegis adviser on Twitter, re-tweeting a bulletin by Lou Dobbs, one of his admired Fox Annual commentators, that airtight Mr. Bolton as a “Rejected Neocon.”

Senator Rand Paul, Republican of Kentucky — whose noninterventionist adopted activity angle are in abrupt adverse with those of Mr. Bolton — questioned his credibility.

“You acquire an angry, annoyed employee, and I anticipate he’ll say anything,” Mr. Paul said.

Doug Stafford, Mr. Paul’s arch strategist, was alike harsher.

“We told you not to appoint neocon antic @AmbBolton,” he wrote in a cheep addressed to Mr. Trump. “NONE OF THE WARMONGERS ARE ON YOUR SIDE!”

One of the key case assemblage at the centermost of Admiral Trump’s allegation balloon on Sunday lectured Secretary of Accompaniment Mike Pompeo — and, afterwards anon adage so, Mr. Trump — about the accent of acknowledging Ukraine. William B. Taylor Jr., the above top American agent in Ukraine, took activity with Mr. Pompeo for reportedly analytic whether Americans affliction about that country. In an op-ed arise in The New York Times, Mr. Taylor declared the abounding affidavit Ukraine, a country adherent amid Russia and the countries of NATO, is basic to the United States.

“To abutment Ukraine is to abutment a rules-based all-embracing adjustment that abhorred war amid above admiral in Europe for seven decades,” he wrote, anecdotic the abounding means Russia attacks Ukraine and the West. “It is to abutment capitalism over autocracy. It is to abutment abandon over unfreedom. Best Americans do.”

Mr. Taylor, who testified during the allegation analysis that the Trump administering waged a burden advance to get Ukraine to advertise investigations into the president’s rivals, mostly steered bright of the allegation case in his article. He said alone that “no amount the aftereffect of the agitation about the accordance of a buzz alarm amid the two presidents, the accord amid the United States and Ukraine is key to our civic security.”

But Mr. Taylor’s admonishment of Mr. Pompeo is additionally a not-so-subtle admonition to the admiral and his Republican allies of the civic aegis blackmail at the affection of the Democratic case: that by denial aegis aid to accretion political leverage, Mr. Trump fabricated the country — and the Western apple — beneath safe.

President Trump, who raged throughout the morning about the absolution of a White House annual accounting by John Bolton, his above civic aegis adviser, told reporters aggregate at the White House that he had not absolutely apparent the adjustment for the book.

Still, the admiral acknowledged as “false” two of the book’s above claims: that Mr. Bolton and others had approved to dissuade Mr. Trump from denial aggressive abettor to Ukraine, and that the admiral was assertive that Ukraine had meddled in the 2016 election.

Among the Assembly Republicans affronted at the White House on Monday over revelations about a adjustment submitted for analysis by John R. Bolton are top allies of Admiral Trump, including Agent Mitch McConnell, the majority leader.

Just hours afore the balloon was set to resume, Mr. McConnell, Republican of Kentucky, and Agent Lindsey Graham, Republican of South Carolina, were abreast acute the president’s admiral for an annual about Mr. Bolton’s account, which undercuts a key White House aegis of the admiral and blindsided the senators, according to bodies accustomed with their thinking.

Speaking to reporters in the basement of the Capitol on Monday, Mr. Graham beneath to detail his talks with the White House and said the abode would acceptable not change his position on the aftereffect of the trial. But asked if he trusted Mr. Bolton, Mr. Graham retorted: “I don’t apperceive if I assurance anybody adapted now.”

He said the above civic aegis adviser “may be a accordant witness.”

Mr. Graham skipped a annual appointment in the Capitol Monday morning at which he was advanced appointed to appear.

Senators were told that White House attorneys planned to advance advanced with their aegis as planned on Monday, arguing that the admiral had not committed amiss offenses.

Senator Susan Collins, Republican of Maine and one of the best anxiously watched beat votes on calling witnesses, said in a annual on Monday that new revelations from John R. Bolton, the above White House civic aegis adviser, “strengthen the case for witnesses” in Admiral Trump’s allegation trial.

Her comments came the morning afterwards The New York Times arise that Mr. Bolton wrote in his accessible book that Mr. Trump had anon affiliated $391 actor in aggressive aid for Ukraine to investigations he capital of his political rivals, adage that he would not absolution the money until he got the advice he sought.

Ms. Collins, who has said that she is accessible to calling assemblage and would acceptable vote to do so, additionally appeared to advance that added Republicans were now talking abreast about whether to do the same.

“The letters about John Bolton’s book strengthen the case for assemblage and acquire prompted a cardinal of conversations amid my colleagues,” she said in the statement.

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In the deathwatch of weekend revelations from John R. Bolton, Admiral Trump’s above civic aegis adviser, Republican defenders of Mr. Trump are attractive for any armament to attenuate the Democratic altercation in favor of calling new witnesses.

One example: a annual appointment from two decades ago by a accepted Democratic House administrator arguing adjoin the charge for added testimony.

Representative Jerrold Nadler, now the administrator of the House Judiciary Committee, was asked at a 1998 annual appointment whether Democrats arresting then-President Bill Clinton from allegation should abutment calling assemblage in the inquiry. Mr. Nadler said no.

“There are some bodies who anticipate that we should ask to amendment assertive witnesses. My own claimed assessment is that we shouldn’t,” Mr. Nadler told reporters. “My own claimed assessment is that it’s the assignment of those who appetite to accuse the admiral to accomplish the case. They’ve got to alarm the assemblage who will authorize the case. They haven’t done so.”

Republican senators acquire been arguing that Democrats in the House — not the Assembly — were amenable for calling admiral like him and others who were blocked by the admiral from testifying in the House inquiry. Now, as they attending for means to accumulate a scattering of Republican moderates from jumping abode and voting with Democrats, they are acquisitive that comments, like the one from Mr. Nadler added than 20 years ago, ability help.

Democrats don’t aloof appetite to apprehend from John R. Bolton, Admiral Trump’s above civic aegis adviser. They additionally appetite his addendum — and accepting them could advice pave the way for added abstracts they acquire been demanding.

A abode in The New York Times said that White House admiral accept Mr. Bolton, who is autograph a book, took addendum that he should acquire larboard abaft aback he accommodated his post. Representative Adam B. Schiff of California, the advance House manager, bedeviled on that detail Monday morning, adage the addendum may be added important for the Assembly than seeing a archetype of the abstract adjustment of Mr. Bolton’s book.

“Now we abstruse that John Bolton took abundant addendum and apparently these are contemporaneous,” Mr. Schiff said on CNN’s “New Day” program. “These addendum took abode while the contest were happening, while they were beginning in his mind. Those, in abounding respects, are added important than the manuscript. So we care to not alone acquire John Bolton testify, but we care to see what he wrote bottomward in his addendum at the time.”

In accession to calling for added witnesses, Democrats acquire said the Assembly should amendment emails, altercation letters and added abstracts that Mr. Trump’s administering banned to duke over during the House allegation inquiry. The actuality of Mr. Bolton’s addendum could added burden Republicans to accede to seek the documents.

John R. Bolton was Admiral Trump’s civic aegis adviser for a year and a half, but he has been a accoutrement in bourgeois backroom for a generation, authoritative it difficult for Republicans to alone abolish him as a accessory with an ax to grind. There is no bigger affirmation of the complications his abeyant affidavit would actualize for Assembly Republicans than the advance checks he has accounting abounding of them.

Mr. Bolton’s political activity committee, alleged afterwards himself, has already cut $10,000 checks this acclamation aeon to three Republican senators who will acquire a vote on whether to amendment him in the trial: Tom Cotton of Arkansas, Cory Gardner of Colorado and Thom Tillis of North Carolina. Mr. Gardner and Mr. Tillis are both adverse boxy re-election fights in beat states.

Mr. Bolton started the PAC in 2013 to apostle his interventionist adopted activity views, and it has accustomed abroad added than $1 million.

Other Republican recipients currently in the Assembly accommodate Josh Hawley of Missouri, Roger Wicker of Mississippi, Richard M. Burr of North Carolina, Roy Blunt of Missouri, Charles E. Grassley of Iowa, Ron Johnson of Wisconsin and Marco Rubio of Florida.

Senator Mitt Romney, Republican of Utah, said it was “increasingly likely” that added assembly of his affair would advance to apprehend from John R. Bolton about Admiral Trump’s affairs with Ukraine.Credit…Image by Erin Schaff/The New York Times

For weeks, Agent Mitt Romney, Republican of Utah, has been the alone Republican agent aboveboard admiring of calling John R. Bolton, the above White House civic aegis adviser, to affirm in Admiral Trump’s allegation trial.

But on Monday, Mr. Romney predicted he may anon be beneath lonely, based on conversations he has had with Republican colleagues in the deathwatch of the adumbration that Mr. Bolton writes in a accessible book that Mr. Trump anon conditioned aggressive aid for Ukraine on the country accouterment advice about his political rivals.

“I anticipate it’s added acceptable that added Republicans will accompany those of us who anticipate we should apprehend from John Bolton,” he told reporters in the Capitol.

Mr. Romney would not say which senators he was apropos to, but said he had arise with several in the deathwatch of The Times report.

Pressure on Republican senators to alarm assemblage in Admiral Trump’s allegation balloon is not alone architecture in Washington. It is architecture at home.

On Monday, Majority Forward, an arm of a political activity lath affiliated with Assembly Democrats, arise it will be airing two new 30-second agenda advertisements — one alleged “Oath,” and the added alleged “Rigged” — aimed at bristles Republican senators adverse boxy re-election battles: Martha McSally of Arizona; Cory Gardner of Colorado; Susan Collins of Maine; Joni Ernst of Iowa and Thom Tillis of North Carolina.

Republicans acquire so far been mostly bashful in the deathwatch of a damaging New York Times abode about John Bolton, Mr. Trump’s above civic aegis adviser, who is aerial on Democrats’ lists of abeyant assemblage and is autograph a annual appointed for absolution in March.

“By abnegation to get the facts and appeal a fair balloon from the onset, Assembly Republicans are putting affair backroom over principle,” said J.B. Poersch, a above adviser to Agent Chuck Schumer, the boyhood leader, who is now admiral of Assembly Majority Pac, which is costs the ad. “Our new ad advance urges these accessible incumbents to do their jobs and appeal a fair balloon now.”

Mr. Bolton’s annual that Mr. Trump told him he did not appetite to absolution $391 actor in aggressive aid to Ukraine until that country’s leaders advised Democrats anon contradicts Mr. Trump’s affirmation that there was no “quid pro quo” appeal for investigations in barter for the funding.

Revelations about a adjustment of John R. Bolton’s accessible book on his time as Admiral Trump’s civic aegis adviser acquire cranked up burden on senators to amendment him to affirm in the allegation trial. But they accession accession accustomed question: Could the Democratic House artlessly amendment Mr. Bolton itself if the Assembly refuses?

Technically, yes — and it may arise to that eventually if the Assembly refuses.

But for now the House allegation managers are abnegation to absorb the idea, bent to accumulate burden on senators to seek any accordant advice as they are in the average of a balloon to adjudge whether to abolish Mr. Trump from office.

“I don’t appetite to go into any affectionate of advancement plan,” Representative Adam B. Schiff, Democrat of California and the advance allegation manager, said Monday morning on CNN. “The absoluteness is the senators care to apprehend this attestant firsthand.”

The absoluteness is House Democrats apperceive it would be far beneath admired and potentially far added complicated for them to do the subpoenaing. Mr. Bolton said beforehand this ages that he would be accommodating to bypass the courts and bound affirm at the balloon if subpoenaed. But aback the House requested his actualization aftermost abatement during its allegation analysis and threatened a subpoena, his apostle abreast abreast the lath that he would go to cloister rather than absolute accede to affirm — aperture a acknowledged activity that could acquire taken months or best to array out.

There is no agreement Mr. Bolton would skip that acknowledged activity to arise afore the House if the Assembly bypasses its befalling to apprehend from him. Nor, Democrats know, would it alike be as impactful if he did eventually affirm in the House afterwards a Assembly absolution is complete.

Such a audition may aftermath abhorrent annual for the admiral that could aching him politically, but they would apparently be discounted by the actuality that the Assembly would acquire already accounted his accomplishments base of abatement from office.

Republicans additionally apperceive this and acquire amorphous to advance it is the House, not the Senate’s responsibility, to alarm Mr. Bolton. Alike Mr. Trump had the abstraction Monday morning, misrepresenting the actuality that the House did abode Mr. Bolton’s affidavit during its inquiry.

“The Democrat controlled House never alike asked John Bolton to testify,” he afield asserted on Twitter. “It is up to them, not up to the Senate!”

Republican defenders of Admiral Trump on Monday redoubled their efforts to block any assemblage from actuality alleged in the allegation balloon in the deathwatch of revelations from John R. Bolton, the president’s above civic aegis adviser, that Mr. Trump anon affiliated Ukraine aegis aid to investigations of Democrats.

Senator Lindsey Graham, Republican of South Carolina and a allegiant accessory of Mr. Trump, warned on Twitter on Monday that if the Assembly voted to accede witnesses, Republicans would assert on calling bodies who Mr. Trump considers “relevant” to the case, a annual that includes above Carnality Admiral Joseph R. Biden Jr. and his son, Hunter Biden.

The cheep was in aspect a face-lifting of a blackmail that Republicans acquire been appliance for weeks to try and abash Democrats for blame for witnesses. But it additionally underscored how Sunday’s annual about Mr. Bolton may acquire added the likelihood that the Assembly will vote to apprehend from witnesses.

Before The New York Times’s abode about the capacity of Mr. Bolton’s manuscript, it appeared that there would not be abundant Republican abutment to alarm witnesses. Mr. Graham’s admonishing suggests that Republicans may be beneath assured now, and are accumulative their efforts to do what they can to abstain it.

Just four Republican senators would acquire to vote with Democrats to amendment assemblage like Mr. Bolton and added top administering officials. Republican Senators Mitt Romney of Utah and Susan Collins of Maine acquire already adumbrated they would abutment calling witnesses, and Mr. Romney has said he wants to apprehend from Mr. Bolton in particular.

Senators Lamar Alexander of Tennessee and Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, both of whom had advanced signaled a abeyant artlessness to witnesses, added afresh acquire adapted they ability not vote to assert on them. But that was afore the revelations about Mr. Bolton.

President Trump’s acknowledged team’s added day of articulate arguments in the Assembly allegation balloon opens with beginning ambiguity on Monday, afterwards The New York Times arise that the White House has for weeks had an abstruse adjustment by John R. Bolton, the above civic aegis adviser, asserting that Mr. Trump banned to absolution aggressive abetment for Ukraine until the country gave him analytic advice about his political rivals.

By Monday morning, several Republican senators had angrily alleged the White House aggravating to actuate who at the administering knew about Mr. Bolton’s manuscript, which aides there acquire had for several weeks, and what was in it. They told the White House they acquainted blindsided, according to bodies abreast on the calls who insisted on anonymity to alarm clandestine discussions.

One acumen for their ire is that Mr. Bolton’s annual flies in the face of the annual the president’s attorneys acquire offered the Assembly for his actions, and which abounding Republicans acquire latched assimilate themselves as a aegis of his conduct.

For several days, Mr. Trump’s acknowledged team’s aegis of his authority on $391 actor in aid appropriate for Ukraine has been that he never affiliated the benumb to his admiration for investigations into Democrats, including above Carnality Admiral Joseph R. Biden Jr. Specifically, his aggregation has zeroed in on the affidavit of Gordon D. Sondland, the United States agent to the European Union, that he “presumed” the linkage, and that admiral cared added about an advertisement than an absolute investigation.

In the manuscript, Mr. Bolton writes that Mr. Trump told him in August that he didn’t appetite to chargeless up the aid until Ukraine affronted over Russia analysis abstracts accompanying to Hillary Clinton, Mr. Trump’s adversary in 2016, and Mr. Biden, a arch applicant for the Democratic choice this year.

That undercuts the affirmation by the agent White House counsel, Michael Purpura, fabricated in the able-bodied of the Assembly on Saturday, that “not a distinct attestant testified that the admiral himself said that there was any affiliation amid any investigations and aegis abetment and a presidential activity or annihilation else.”

While Mr. Bolton never testified, he has said he will affirm if he receives a subpoena.

John Ullyot, a agent for the Civic Aegis Council, issued a anxiously worded annual on Monday morning, 16 hours afterwards the Times adventure was published.

“Ambassador Bolton’s adjustment was submitted to the N.S.C. for pre-publication analysis and has been beneath antecedent analysis by the N.S.C.,” he said. “No White House cadre alfresco N.S.C. acquire advised the manuscript.”

“I NEVER told John Bolton that the aid to Ukraine was angry to investigations into Democrats, including the Bidens,” Admiral Trump wrote aloof afterwards midnight, apropos to a broadly debunked approach that the admiral had pursued about above Carnality Admiral Joseph R. Biden Jr. and his son Hunter.

In an abstruse adjustment of his accessible book, Mr. Bolton declared the White House accommodation to abstain aggressive aid from Ukraine until he larboard the White House in September. As civic aegis adviser, Mr. Bolton would acquire been complex in abounding of the high-level discussions about Ukraine.

More on Bolton’s Revelations

The annual of John R. Bolton’s annual anecdotic how Admiral Trump angry aid for Ukraine to investigations into the Bidens, accustomed in an abstruse book, aboriginal arise by The New York Times, could hardly arise at a worse time for Mr. Trump, aloof as his attorneys acquire opened his aegis on the Assembly floor.

Senators will decide, apparently by the end of the week, whether to alarm assemblage like Mr. Bolton. Until now, Mr. Trump seemed assured not alone of absolution but appeared acceptable to bulwark off the affidavit of any added witnesses.

When Mr. Trump’s attorneys abode the Assembly Monday afternoon, they will face the claiming of answer how his own above top abettor says the admiral did absolutely what they say he did not do — or aggravating to abstain it altogether.

The White House acknowledged aggregation will resume its aperture arguments at 1 p.m. at the allegation balloon on Monday in badly new circumstances, with calls accumulative for the Assembly to apprehend from assemblage afterwards new revelations alike from John R. Bolton, Admiral Trump’s above civic aegis adviser.

The Times arise on Sunday that in drafts of an abstruse manuscript, Mr. Bolton recounts a chat with the admiral in August in which Mr. Trump said he adopted not to unfreeze $391 actor in aegis abetment to Ukraine unless admiral there helped with investigations he approved into Democrats. That annual anon contradicts two key apparatus of the president’s allegation defense: that the accommodation to benumb the aid was absolute from his requests that Ukraine advertise politically motivated investigations, and that Democrats had alone “presumption” and buzz to prove otherwise.

House Democratic managers said in a annual on Sunday night that “there can be no agnosticism now” that Mr. Bolton charge be alleged as a witness. But the few Republicans who acquire adumbrated an artlessness to audition from witnesses, such as Agent Susan Collins of Maine, had yet to acknowledge to letters of the book. By Monday morning, some Republican senators had contacted the White House to analyze about who had afterimage into the adjustment as the Assembly balloon abundant a anniversary earlier.

Mr. Trump pushed aback on Mr. Bolton’s claims aboriginal Monday morning on Twitter, adage that his above adviser “never complained about this at the time of his absolute accessible termination,” and that Mr. Bolton was attractive to advertise books.

“I NEVER told John Bolton that the aid to Ukraine was angry to investigations into Democrats, including the Bidens,” Mr. Trump wrote aloof afterwards midnight.

The White House attorneys will accessible their aboriginal continued day of arguments in the balloon at 1 p.m., aback they will aggrandize on credibility they alien in a abrupt two-hour affair on Saturday. They acquire about 22 hours of time allotted to them on Monday and Tuesday to adverse the House Democratic managers, but are not accustomed to use all of it.

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